BOGO Indestructible Plush Toys For Frenchies!

$19.95 $36.05

Look no further for the best “squeaky/tug/chew/plush” toy there is for a Frenchie! A set of 2 is nearly mess free & all you need to keep your Frenchie busy whether alone, with you or with a friend!

🐾Each order is a set of TWO toys. You have the choice of: 2 Monkey, 2 Bear or 1 of each.

🐾These eco-friendly toys are made from a plush corduroy material and are fastened shut with high-quality stitching instead of glue. This makes these toys difficult to rip or tear open and are more resistant to shedding.

🐾Unlike other squeak toys, both hands of these animals are holding a non-toxic and harmless natural rubber ring designed to be more flexible for tough chewers or fun between two pups.

🐾These toys not only soothe the gums when chewing but also help keep the teeth clean. They are washable & attract minimal dust making them perfect to cuddle with when your Frenchie tires out.



[Due to high demand & COVID restrictions, shipping times may vary. Shipping times are usually 15-21 days. You will receive a tracking number for all orders.]

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