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Why is Our Harness The Favorite?

  • No Pull Harness with Steel D Ring - Distributes weight evenly on the body to prevent "cherry eye", breathing issues & injuries to the neck/shoulders. Easy to put on & take off. Secure handle & steel "D" ring for leash.
  • Comfortable & Adjustable Design- The inner mesh material is breathable so it will not hold moisture or irritate the skin. Chest & neck straps are adjustable and that will save money in the long run. Also, this harness can be worn over clothes or under hoodies and jackets. 
  • ​Reflective Element - Reflective straps ensure your dog is highly visible especially at night. This high-end harness is ideal for all activities in darker conditions. Perfect for daily walking and any other outdoor activity that your dog enjoys. 
  • ​​Custom Velcro ID Tag - The Velcro ID tag can make it easy to identify your dog if lost or for introductions. The ID tag IS customizable if you are wanting something specific & also removable for times you do not want your dog or you identified. 

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